my bleeding heart

Dear heart,

           From where should I start it, either from those wide awake nights or those strained smile you have in the cockcrow. At times I get envious on you , many people have broken you into pieces yet you show them as much as love as possible but I get exasperation while you care for those people who don’t even recognize your presence. From where do you get this valor. how do you forgive people so easily, Nowadays am really scared of nights not because of its darkness, its just because of your silent tears you shed. please stop being so humiliate. You have to burst out at times or else these people are going to play with your emotions . Just talk to the people about the things that bother you, am sure it will stop those unnecessary fights and arguments we have at night. remember  things don’t change just because you want them to change understand that. I knew your not going to change but am really proud to be with a heart that shows pure love without any expectations.. but at times am tired of seeing you as pieces….

your adversary,

jealous brain