Mistakes and Perfection

Human life is

neither like a perfect dream

nor it is a flawless creation of God

If there is something

which breathes on this land,

It has indeed its own flaws


Mistakes are not something

to be ashamed of

Infact, it is a part of our soul

But, humans have invented

the such a concept of perfection

That it doesn’t allow

the alignment of our walls

with the cracks and crevices

of the windows and doors.


The fictional fallacy of perfection

has enveloped our minds

and, has convinced us that

accepting our flaws and mistakes

Belittle our might.

And, so, here we are;

The most perfect creation of God

who spend eternity

to prove that, they are always right


Standing at the balustrade

of our roof

fidgeting the coffee cup

between our fingers

and, inhaling the bitter taste

into our throat, a few times

We are overwhelmed

with a feeling of guilt and uneasiness

Thinking about those mistakes

That we consider as grievous crimes.


Searching for the absolutely

polished surface of diamond

We have even lost the ability

to see the beauty hidden

behind the irregular shapes

And, it has somehow reconstructed

the bridge of expectations in our landscape.


But, the essence of life

actually lies inside those imperfections

Between the discordant chords of music

Haphazardly arranged verses of poetry

And, rays of sunlight passing through

the chinks of our windows.