Men’s Day

Men who get themselves almost departed from life in order to hold their breath while standing behind a woman, so that she doesn’t feel the slightest bit of public harassment; should be protected at all costs,
men who do not care about checking out in the mirror if the hairdresser is trimming their hair the right way or not, so that the woman sitting behind doesn’t feel ogled at in a unisex salon,
and men who have given up on casual whistling in public or even when alone, because they’ve seen women getting whistled at by shameless goons on vacant streets.

Also, men who almost glue the sole of their shoes to the floor of a public transport vehicle, so that he doesn’t bump into the woman standing next to him and to avoid making her feel sexually assaulted,
men who do not restrict their beloved girl from wearing skin-revealing outfits because they respect her freedom of choosing her lifestyle,
men who spend hours outside the workplace of their female friend to make sure she reaches home safely because it’s gonna be dark before she gets back.
Men who know to keep their sexual urge limited to themselves until the woman they desire gives her consent.

Men who are just responsible, aware, and woke.
Men whom women can count on, the world can count on.
And men, who have a soul as spotless as a whitewashed wall.
And men who are the real definition of a man, a man worth calling a man;
should be protected. At all costs.

Happy International Men’s Day❤