Maybe this is what life is!

Thorns of discontent that never wilt or shrink will always keep puncturing your hot air balloon stuffed with loads of happiness that provide buoyancy to it. Maybe the reason behind discontentment might not be your unpaid bills and EMIs, but it can be your inability to find the calm in the chaos. The lives of unprivileged children wrapping themselves in soiled school uniforms everyday with utmost zeal are way better than us unsatisfied little privileged brats.

The daily wage workers that groan in pain while lifting sacs weighing twice their own body weight shed liters of salty fluids from every single pore present on their flesh, just to lay down on the same cloth they use to wrap around their head while working; feel the cool breeze and stare at the dark sky with pure contentment.

That’s life. Getting fairly paid for the day’s work, with a handsome amount of money enough to have a Jowar tortilla with some chillies, garlics and oil smashed together; and not to worry about investing into properties or shares. That’s life, if I’m guessing it right? Maybe we all have modified our cerebrums in a way or maybe we’ve all had a genetic mutation, such that our conscience instructs us to only believe in impressing our fellow mates/relatives/neighbors/colleagues and maintain the so-called standards that are considered to be defining your existence in the society.

These are the standards that have constructed unbreakable walls of envy and hatred amongst us. These are the walls that keep on compelling you to overthink about insensible stuff and you slide into the dreary desert of melancholy and dissatisfaction.