Manipulating pain and embracing happiness

Pain is nothing but a figment of our imagination “

Your mind is a powerful place that has the ability to manipulate anything including pain, you just have to master the art of manipulation and then embracing the true happiness. This may not sound simple but trust me you can do a lot more than crying over physical or mental pain as the perception of that feeling is what makes it feel real. It is impossible for us as humans to not feel love, anger, happiness, contempt, envy, compassion but peace is something that feels unattainable so here is what you need to do.


During your tough times when things are falling apart, all you can do is pray for everything to end or if you are an atheist you would just want to wish it ends but the key to end it is right with you. Visualise how you want this situation to be and 99.99% of the time you will hit a point where your mind will ease the pain automatically then put yourself together and face whatever it is let the pain flow through you and embrace what is coming next that is happiness


You can teach your mind numerous things by just believing that you can accomplish it and you can use this tool to get rid of any mental stress that you are going through. Believe in yourself and the path will start showing itself and you just have to walk through it to your happiness. Teach your mind to be strong enough to fight any torment that it might be put through by embracing a new skill, a hobby, instead of basking in the ill-feeling of what has happened. Once you stop thinking about what has happened only then can you think of what could be done

Let it go

We as humans find it so difficult to let it go that we deliberately hold on to something that is not supposed to be there in the first place, be it an emotion or the person you think as your one true love if they are causing you any kind discomfort physically or mentally just let it go. You are more than what you believe and you have got the same ability in your brains and the same functionalities so quit whining about it! You yourself are your motivational speaker, role model, ideal person but you snuff it in your quest to find some stress, mental pain but never really letting out your true self.

So, just visualise what you want to become, believe that you can transform and let go of everything that is holding you back, take one step at a time and be the best version of yourself that smiles away the hardships by letting the pain flow through you and embracing happiness!