Held you nine months in her

Even though she was soft as fur


Finally, you came out

In pain, she did shout

But, when you came in her arm

She felt so warm


All this hurt for her became justified

Because you holding her finger made her feel so satisfied

Every midnight, you cried

Still, she tried


Took you in her lap

Till you decided to take a nap

You grew old

Became bolder


Still, she was wise

But you forgot her sacrifice

With perfection, she did all the chores

Like ocean water touches the shores


When you reached teen

You acted more mean

She did revolt but you turned the situation like it was all her fault


But one day, you realized

How small was your respect’s size

So you said sorry

She told you not to worry


Because she was wise

All she wanted was to see you rise

You got in your twenties

Seeing you as a bride is all she seized


Miles between you was her only fear

So she tried hiding her tear

The last hug before leaving

Was like her bruises weaving


She felt so alone

So you called her on the phone

Your voice in her ears

Made her forget all her fears


She turned old

Bed rest was what she was told

Her hand burned

It was like the roles turned


Now you took care of her

Brushed through her white hair

Doctors said she didn’t have much time

So for your children, she made you learn night rhymes


Suddenly, she became still

With her, died all your will

Even now, you remember all her things

Like she made you learn how to fly with your wings


Now, her parenting is what you seek

You thought she was weak

But you were always wrong

She was way too strong.