Love, me

Dear me,

I know you have gone through a lot that others might not even imagined of. I know how difficult everything is for you and I know how you always found a way to fight through yourself. So, please don’t you ever give up on fighting. You have always fought for what you need and what you deserve. You deserve a lot more than what you think you deserve. Never let your crown slip, Never. Heads up fighter. I know certain things might break your heart, you might want to tear everything down, you might even want to cry your heart out until it stops hurting but its okay, it really is. I know how easy it is to get hurt and how difficult it is to make it stop but sometimes those pain make you realize who you truly are and what you are capable of. I know you tell this to everyone but you should also know that “EVERYTHING IS GONNA BE OKAY!” just hold on still. You of all people definitely deserve to be happy and you will be, you might not be today but you will be one day. I promise.

I knew you overthink and overreact at times but don’t you ever let go of the amazing person you are. You were the one who always loves to have fun, the one who never cared about what others might think of you, the one who never took anything way too serious and the one who never gives a damn about what might happen. So, don’t you ever let these go.

Just remember, you are not someone to be toyed around with.  You are tenacious. You are independent. You are strong and above all, you are capable of handling anything.


A person who feels you.