Love, betrayal and nostalgia.

The dried petals of the rose drizzled to the floor as I opened the old diary.

The sweet smell of the rose still lingers in my breath.

The moments we spent together haven’t dried out like the rose has,over the years.

Millions of memories drenched my mind,as I went through every leaflet of the diary.

The photographs on each page made me realize how ethereal was your love for me!! But now your love for me has faded away,

And you continue to fall,not for me but for someone else;


I ain’t mad at you,nor am I sad,

As my happiness simply lies in yours!! However,

I feel contented when I see you smile,

But at the same time I get disheartened,

As I ain’t the reason behind that smile.

I do not regret for having believed in your false & brittle promises,

But I do regret for still falling for you and for still loving you unconditionally…!!!! .