Love ❤️

What’s love. We all can have different answers and all of that might be correct. I’ll tell you my view on love. To my understanding I think SELFLESS is the other word for LOVE.

When you selflessly do something for someone or something that’s love:D

Like when you consistently feed a stray even though you know that it can’t repay you in that place you selflessly did something and that is LOVE. When you genuinely want a person to be happy and you do everything possible to make them happy and that’s love.

Love starts with Acceptance. When you accpet a person for who they are. Inspite of his/her deeds,flaws you like them. Just seeing them happy makes you happy too:). It’s not just a relationship with guy/girl. Love can be materialistic too. Being selfless to a non living thing is also love💕.

But at times love can be self centered.And there is nothing wrong with that one too🤷🏻‍♀️. Okay just dont get irritated or confused with what iam saying right now. I really like my plants and water them devotedly so that they give some beautiful flowers. Here in this place I expect something from plants but that doesn’t mean I dont like/love them. I really keep my boyfriend happy so that he we have a peaceful relationship. Here again I feel like being self centered but still I love that person. It goes with everything.So instead of confusing us with what is love.Let’s love what we love unconditionally and yet genuinely♥️ and love is beautiful🌸✨