He was looking at her with an intense gaze as if he will kill her right away; whereas, she was looking down, guilty.

As he drank his struggling tears, the clouds in the sky roared & it began to rain, giving vent to his silent tears… He gathered courage and went near her & said “I… I won’t talk more for nothing is left to talk about bu-t, but you know…I, I was the amulet around your heart, against all the pains and ails of your life…I had inked your name in my heart with the ink of my love but you didn’t notice that; you didn’t see the purity of my love & betrayed me. . .broke me.

And you know what’s the irony? He roared.

In breaking me…you, broke yourself. . .unknowingly...!

Saying this he rushed away like a thunder not looking back at her whereas she gazed at his fading steps all startled, astounded, drenched in tears and dumb, thinking, regretting, what she lost.