But this bond has magic in it, which will give value to the life which we are striving to live in this beautiful world. Here is the value of bonds built by people, not gadgets. This is the short story of the grandparents and grandchildren who were not met over the years. He is the only son of the two people who are living alone in the village as their son moved to the city for his work. Now he is the father of one little boy and this little boy never spent his precious time with their grandparents. He never got a chance to hear sweet stories, he never enjoyed snacks of his grandmother, he never got the pleasure of escaping from the parents scolding with the support of grandparents, he never used to this before.

But now this lockdown made this son to move to his village and these poor grandparents were eagerly watching the doorstep to see their grandson and to cuddle him. They never knew that his grandson will spend his time only in his gadgets. The time arrived, they came from the city and everything is going on smoothly. And this little one started to watch his gadgets and he started to know he won’t get a fast network in this poor village. He has nothing to do with his gadgets, he started seeking for something out of his gadgets.

He slowly started to spend time with his grandparents and this innocent old couple felt so happy within. This little one started to enjoy the pleasures of village life. He went along with his grandfather to the places where ever he go, he watched the moon lying on his grandmother’s lap hearing the stories, and got new friends around and tasted new things.

But the lockdown came to an end and they moved to the city again and the poor old grandparents started to wait for the next visit of their grandson. Sure they will miss each other but the precious memories they got together will be cherished forever.

This is the life of most of those reading this.  Spend time with them at least in this lockdown times and ensure their happiness. This is what magic, the joy our heart and soul get when we are with our grandparents cannot be bought with anything.