LITTLE THINGS-Long distance relationship.

To: Druv and Kavya. Momo aur chicken Biriyani.❤

You both taught us, urban life can also be beautiful. The way you compliment each other, shows how you both appreciate and not get jealous of each other’s success. You both showed us the most real story in these days of social media we live in.

The last season made us teenagers and not teenagers believe that hiding feelings that are so common in relationships are actually cancerous. Rather you showed that it is good to be vulnerable to the one you love.

You showed us it’s the little things that make us feel, that make us feel loved. The maturity you showed throughout the season is commendable and made us real people to believe that how not so perfect relationship can be perfect if the two people choose to hold on to each other.
-From a girl who is in a long-distance relationship.🌸