Let’s fight it

Life has become indeed very unpredictable these days.
Every breath we take is a blessing and it has become very obvious.
If today you are happy, healthy, and safe, it is a miracle
It took only a tiny virus or a natural calamity to cause the whole world in distress. It is high time where all of us realize that each minute and each second is valuable.

Our stay here in mother earth is very less and at the course of this time period, let’s take proper actions towards whatever we do, even if it is a very small action. Let’s be conscious that not only our lives are important but also our fellow humans too. At the least we can do is to pray and spread positivity among all people.

Let’s make our short stay in mother earth worth it.
Let’s also pray for all the lives that are in danger and most importantly be thankful that we are still breathing
-Amlashree bharathan