Let it go?! No.

Why do we often find it difficult to let go of things that’s literally draining us out?

Is it because we really want them to be a part of us or is it just a glue to keep the breaking part of us together?

It’s okay, to be traumatized by the things that we once loved with every single atom of ours?! Yes, it is!  Because all of this is bound to happen.

When we drift back to the things that once we did with so much of dedication and love seems to be weird all of a sudden. But it’s okay because its bound to happen.

Even when the flashbacks leave us with just a smile, deep inside we yearn for the melancholy to last long because it’s what that keeps us going through the hard times.

You become multifaceted all of a sudden when you encounter a new and intriguing person, but how?

It was just the unexposed part of you and the person was in no way responsible for that, so stop crushing yourself for all that you are now, because it’s who you are.

Our heart is dwindling because of the trash that we carry but over time it has come to peace with it.

“Let it go” is a very easy phrase to preach but practicing it is the most grueling thing one can do to it oneself. Once done it’ll be okay. Will it? Not really, you just let it go of the mind but the heart carries it to the grave and flashes the memory every now and then.

So it’s okay to not let it go because in the end you hold on to it to save a part of you that’s drifting away. It’ll be okay, eventually everything will change and you’ll forget it when you don’t put all of you to just let go.

Letting it go makes you hold on to it even tighter so just leave it, let it stay. Let it stay with you because it has become a part of you. So don’t let it go. Keep it. Cherish it.