Last love is priceless

Being The last is priceless.
Everyone wants to be the first lover but being the last mattered to me always. First crush, Forever crush, Love at school, all these are pretty interesting but have you ever imagined falling in love with someone after understanding them, their flaws, their bruises, their carelessness even these would not be giving trouble.

They may not be romantic to you as they were to their Ex, but that’s not the point!. The point is they trust you even after several heartbreaks. They may sometime compare you with their past, but you see it takes guts to tell the truth over faking love.

Every day would go without excitement since being filled with responsibilities, but at the end of the day while lying on the bed holding the pillow assuming it to be them will keep the love going. There’ll be no more forever talks but every little action would be taken for it wholeheartedly.

You will start understanding action and responsibilities are more amazing than gifts and emoji’s. Even sharing struggles would no more be frustrating because you would’ve understood that relationships are not just movie nights and lavish dinners. They might still have their ex’s photographs but you know what you’re special because you’ve been chosen over and over even though there are distractions.

Even if there are fights it’ll be real ones, not the stupid doubts and at every end of this, there’ll be more love and care not anger and hate. You both will be into each other, that you understand even giving up is a form of love rather than those heated arguments. First love can be luck but the last one would be the choice of forever. And Yes it’s a priceless feeling to be one.