Judged by the trend and inner beauty remains hidden

During this lockdown and pandemic, all of us are just on our social media most of the time and a lot of us are influenced by everything we see on social media. But hey, most stuff you see here isn’t the truth, and most just highlight the good and not their entire life. Also, we have no rights to comment on others’ looks just because we have something better than the others. Here’s a short story that happened to a person I know.

I recently heard ” Hey come on whatever it is you gotta *LOOK* great, have some trend in what you wear…” on hearing this the other just gave a fake smile and replied, “yeah sure”.The other being a beautiful person inside felt defended on receiving the comment. Haha, look at how the world has changed. The things we wear has become more important than a good character, good heart. You don’t have cool clothes, accessories, shoes or whatever in your wardrobe?

You only have things of the same kind and not variety of things? Never mind! It’s your choice, your taste of living, your wish and it’s no wrong in being the way you like because you are a MASTERPIECE. Remember that you ain’t living a life for others, you are living it for yourself, and just don’t give a damn if you are given such comments that puts you down.

You are an individual and yes you have the right to say “that’s my way of living”.Don’t mind if you don’t LOOK great because you have a heart that no one else has, a unique character, and whatnot. yes once again don’t ever get defended if someone says … no someone orders ” you should be a lil trendy at least”. Bringing to notice ” DON’T JUDGE A BOOK BY IT’S COVER”