Its okay to not be okay

Not all mornings would be filled

with sunshines and rainbows

Sometimes, the sky will cry

to express the sorrow of the heaven

Not all dates of the calender

would recite a beautiful tale

Somedays, it will read out stories

about the sadness and pain

Not all nights would give you

a peaceful sleep and smiling face

Some nights are going be torpid;

When you would just fall like a lifeless corpse

on your soft bed.

Not all moonlit nights would caress your black hair,

Somedays, its just going to stare blankly

at your expressionless eyes and stuffed head.

Yeah, not all days would bring

a prince carrying glassy shoes into your life

Somedays, a witch will knock your door

and poison your innocent heart

But, let me tell you this,

It’s okay if you eat up the evil apple once

But, you shouldn’t stop helping yourself

and just wait eagerly

for a prince to kiss your arms

You are allowed to feel broken at times

Its okay, if you feel lonely even

when you are surrounded by people

You are allowed to use your strained smile

to hide the tears and screams of your wounded soul

But, you shouldn’t allow yourself

to drown in that feeling forever

To blame yourself for every wrong thingst that had happened to you, ever.


Its completely okay to not be okay, at times

But you have to stop living in denial

and fight for getting hold

on those emotions

that try to weaken your mind.