Its okay to not be okay💞

Its okay when you feel low

When your life stops to flow

When you lose the will to try

When the necessary demands you to lie

When you can’t do anything but cry


When loneliness is all that is left within you

When you feel you are left with not even a single clue

When you want to seek attention of someone

When you refuse to attend any moments of fun


When you cut ones who make you feel small

When at every step of life, you seem to fall

When it pains every time you realise you have no one to call


When you question why no one falls in love with you

When you feel your life is completely blue

When you ask for help out of need

When you just let everyone see the tears you bleed


Its okay to feel sad in anyway when life gets tough

But, what is not okay, is to think you aren’t enough

That you are responsible for everything going wrong

So, if you doubt yourself ever in your life, you need to remind yourself that no matter what anyone says, you were, are and always be way too strong.