Pyaar isn’t only about expressing kisses, hugs and making love or saying dramatic lines…

It’s literally the way you feel about a person in depth which is close to your heart. There is no need to expose that, if so to prove that then it’s better shit you should dispose!!! Your love is intense, it’s deep, it’s so pure if one can’t understand you don’t like something then it’s not you who should change to the core it’s him/her to give you space, some privacy. That doesn’t mean you ignore them or have a gap, it’s the way you love them and there’s nothing wrong in it!! You are so good in heart so my darling don’t worry it’s not your fault, when you tried what u don’t like and failed it’s him/her who pushed you to do it!! You are honestly best in what you are🌸✨

It’s heartbreaking when I knowingly deserve all such pain and traumas during sleep!! I’m helpless when I’m pushed or triggered to do some shits!! You cannot summon someone to show love or change the way!! You should love what he/she does for you, even if it’s less even if it’s wrong he/she is making something for you!! If u still believe that filmy dialogues, physical activities, 24*7 emoji chats, constant messages, getting everything known even if your partner dislikes are the only way to love then please let your partner move on let he/she do what they like. Just get in the flow. It’s infinity times that their heart breaks more than yours!

And yes it’s a deep cut when you did not want all such emotions in depth of you to be explained in words! Love is the way it is shown by your loved one, understand not everyone feels the same you way you want them to, not all get the freedom you get. Accept or deny but don’t disrespect!