Decoding the HOPEs of your Body

With the wide-open eyes filled with excitement, he placed it before me.
I thought he heard my screams.
I thought he loved me.
I thought he appreciated me – after all that I have been doing for him.
I thought he wouldn’t bring that colorful thing again in our lives.

Oh my brain, Why can’t you tell…
Those stupid little eyes to see through the beauty?
That crankiest tongue to look past that lip-smacking taste?
That dangerously sensitive nose to smell the real scent?

Oh my poor brain… I know you won’t…
Oh.. Yeah you can’t…
Didn’t that fancy thing hypnotize you last time?
Aren’t those well-hidden toxins that hit you so badly corroding you leisurely?

Never mind! You still are good at the moment!

But look at me…
Even when he threw those junks at me, 

I squeezed so hard to drain the good out of it.

I screamed because I really couldn’t find any.

Again, mercilessly, he threw further dirty junk at me.
Perhaps, he thought, I was screaming for more.
Or maybe, he thought he could fix me later.

No matter what…
I still fulfill my job with just a little string attached – a faint HOPE that the insane human would someday decode the weary screams of this desperate body to eat healthy before it is too late.

Post Script –

Hear your body when every cell in it screams out of hunger with a timid HOPE that you would understand it needs nutrition, not some junky fillers.


Divya is a mom-blogger, co-founder of Samastha Consulting and the creator of the beautiful parenting website the Yunik Little Kids, get informative parenting tips and also food recipes from her website. She is also an active mom blogger on Instagram.

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