“Hope is my source of strength. It is the savior that saves me from hopelessness. It is the murderer that kills my doubts and fears. It is the fuel that keeps me energized.

The hope that I cling onto is like the morning sun. I am assured that my day is going to be bright and glisten with nothing but positivity. I am assured that I can always turn to that bright ray of light during the darkest of times.

Hope is like the oxygen I breathe. Without it, I cannot function. Through hope, we can attain so much. I am like this dry desert and hope turns me into a huge waterfall. When I was all withered up like a dead and lifeless flower, hope helped me blossom into a gorgeous garden.

Hope is positivity at its best. Hope is what keeps us going no matter what gets in the way. Hope is a valuable choice. Hope is everything.”