The uncertainty prolongs
The darkness persists
Tears and fears rage to overtake
Each other in fatal competition.

We are all stranded
In this huge, unexplainable mess
Not knowing where to run or hide
From the phenomenon looming over us all.

There’s a deficit
Of not just food and essentials
But of compassion, empathy
And the vital intention, to help another.

Measure the world and every life within
In the same scale as you do yourself
Realize that by making someone smile
Your joy is made, not just double, but divine.

There’s struggle, sweat and severe pain.
Everyone’s journeying through it, willingly or not.
You and me and a thousand others
Are running alongside hoping to make it.

Hold on. Hold on. Till the end.
It’s the most, not the least.
A day will dawn with soothing light
To reward your hope with peace and love.

–K. Rangashree