Hold on, Don’t hold in!

Despite knowing things, we decide;

Though we had a way for hope, we tend to walk for the society;

The weaker we are, the strongest our flaws are;

Instead spreading petty wings, we set foot off;

Deserving every mint of success, we gallop over bad press;

Though having an ignition, we ruin the fire;

The personal trait of one’s aura settle down owing to constraints;

Yes of course,

All such practices will bring nothing besides anxiety,

It’s you to be delighted for being everything you could be!

Believe, you are the oyster in the shell of life;

Mettle yourself with emotional strengths,
Trust me, the sky isn’t high to capture,

Rainbows aren’t rare when you are the colours,

Put your foot when you are decreed,
Never rest until your dusk is trashed,

Summon your dawn to rise, let the dew drops pave your way; 

Your grit never breaks until you break down,

Because you deserve every breeze of your garden,
Enrich your soul to edify your dreams,

Exhale bullshit to inhale good shit,
To have self-love isn’t selfish!