Hiding The Teenage

 A bright day blooming with the bright sunlight. Morning chores as usual. Late for college as usual. Oversleeping never goes away from me. Ohh great!! My favourite breakfast for the day cheese omlette. Dad’s are not that bad at knowing our favourites just like mom’s. And now I’m off to my college as usual. An amazing journey from home to college because I pass through the most beautiful place on the earth. Literally a beautiful heaven on the Earth A garden full of flowers and Greenery. I used to leave home early to spend some time in this beautiful garden but I’m late today so I will definitely check them out while I return for home.

It was such a tiring day today. Aren’t the teachers tired of correcting our assignments they just keep increasing the number. Finally back home after such a hard day. Sorry dear garden too tired to wait. Oh noo!! Dad has called up for a meeting! What can it be?? My heart beats so fast like a never ending stream flowing so fast. And I’m here at the dining table. Alas!!!! He found it. How did it find it??!

Dad has found the card I got from a boy when he proposed me. How did he find it?? I had been hiding it from so long. I’m gonna be banged for it now. After a long conversation with him about it now I feel so much better. I really expected he would be so upset with me and also angry. But what I saw in front of me at the dining table was something completely unexpected. He just asked me how I got that card and after I told him everything about it he just said one thing to me “Live your life but never stake your self respect”.

This thing touched my heart ❤️. I never expected that my dad would be so free with me. I had mostly seen him like a strict teacher who hates the word love. But now I love my dad. Everyone at this age actually don’t share much of the things wih their parents and so did I. But I’m proved wrong now and I would definitely not do it again. Parents can also be our best friends sometimes. And it’s not always necessary that we should hide our feelings from our parents just because we think they won’t understand. They can definitely be our best friends forever. ❤️