Charlie trudged the pebbled trail thinking she hasn’t caught anyone’s attention just yet. But, she failed to notice me sneaking slowly a few feet behind her on my toes.

Charlie’s behavior had been abnormal lately. She’d started avoiding her meals even when her favorite canned tuna was a part of the recipe. She hardly stays at home leaving us worried and anxious about her absence. This strange behavior has been persistent for a week or so.

I followed her all the way to the terrace from the pebbled trail without being sighted. When I reached the terrace a sudden wail of the wind crashing across the coconut branches swiped my attention for a while. Reclustring back my dispersed thoughts to focus back on Charlie went in vain as she found a way to escape my view. But this time I was not in the mood of backing off, so I searched thoroughly the terrace for any trace she might have left behind. After searching for a while in the blazing sun I heard a purring sound coming somewhere beneath the pan hot titles. I moved towards the sound only to find a hidden spot under the water tank building set towards the corner of the terrace. The hidden spot was soo blacked out that I needed to rush to my room downstairs to pull my mobile flash out. When the flashlight swept the dark surface, a pair of gleaming eyes looked straight towards me.

I whistled at Charlie and called her close but she ignored my action. I further buried my head into the hidden gap and extended the flashlight until the light hit the other side of the wall. This time all of the hidden area was exposed to my bare eyes. The sight I noticed made my eyes blurred with tears falling apart.

After two years of false pregnancy, Charlie was finally a MOM with six lovely kittens purring and moving here and there over the dark hidden space.