Hey you! Yes, the one who is reading this. I can see in your eyes some dreams and aspirations colliding in the sea of your mind. I can see few unfulfilled wishes, some haunting regrets and waves of sadness too. . . Am I right?

Possibly yes! Hey wait! Don’t get confused! Just keep reading because I am going to show you yet another side of your personality. Yes, have you ever got to know the hidden sparks of glory in your being? Have you seen the gems of qualities in your heart that God embedded in you at the time of creation? Have you ever visualized the aura of the power of your belief in yourself?…. If not yet! Stand up & look at yourself in the mirror of your own self and see the veins of a true veteran in your face…you are a born warrior!

Dig out your potentials and move forward. If failures come in the way along, hug them and make them the amulet of your success. Don’t pay heed to the echoing voices of “you cannot, you are failure!” around because “logon ka kaam hai kehna, kuch tau log kahengy”…Just stay focused on your dreams and venture to strive hard even if you are scarred to the soul because you are a divine flesh— that even if gets scarred, rejuvenates with the heavenly drops of self-belief…