Her sore soul

Insane was the amount of pain she felt,

when she was slut-shamed, ogled at, and visually raped.


Silently she cried,

when her breasts were groped and

her lingerie was traced with filthy fingers in

crowded public places.


Her eyes were filled with tears & shame,

when she was teased with nasty comments 

& lust-loaded whistles.


Terrified she was left,

when every inch of her waist was touched 

under the name of measuring its girth for stitching a dress.


Naked she felt,

when her breasts were stared at,

in order to figure out the outline of her nipples through her dress.


Helpless she felt,

As the society turned a blind eye towards her miseries 

and refused to stand by her side.


She kept yelling and shouting,

pleading for help.


Left forlorn in an eerie, barren, and dark cave she felt.

Tired and weary of this unrest and scuffling,

she decided to stop her heartbeat at once.


Having a stocky rope choking her throat,

depriving her from inhaling, she departed this life ;


We lost another daughter, another mother, another sister,

who fell prey to some evil and monstrous beings.