Happiness is not the key

“We are all running but so few of us are running in the right direction. we have the same goal but to get there we have to stop and examine if we are running towards the source or just a reflection.”

Not all of us get what we want always. Maybe it wasn’t meant for us maybe there was something better than what we wanted or maybe we never really needed it. Life for all us is about having things making ourselves socially acceptable but we don’t really think of what comes out of it. Does it really mean something to me? Don’t we ask this to ourselves when we doubt our instincts about certain things?

We always work to satisfy our needs and other people’s expectations but have we ever asked ourselves if we were doing fine mentally. Not all of us want the life we have now because you know people force us into things we despise or we had to do it because we never had any other choice. To be frank most of us exist here without any idea of what is happening around us.

Empty thoughts no feelings whatsoever just moving on with each day. This makes a person suffocated it makes it difficult for him to eat breathe sleep but he never complains because he tried every day thinking he is at the end of his dark tunnel but it keeps moving on. A lot of us break because of the pressure but some of them don’t stop they move and move until they reach the end of the tunnel making their way toward the happiness they deserve and the life they actually wanted .

Happiness is never the key. Moving atleast one step forward each day is the key. Even if you just breathe today you did something. Life is short but not too short to be happy even for a minute. Never break down for something that you don’t want. Push it away and smile through the way. I hope you reach your end of the tunnel 😃