Gym vs Yoga

“A sound mind in a sound body” is an old saying, the significance of which is as fresh today as it was a hundred years ago. Most of the People nowadays are abstain to the thought of having a good mental and a physical stabilization and the conspicuous ways to attain them is by hitting a gym nearby or by doing yoga, the ancient way for the mind and body practice.

Well, of course, like always, they too have a tough competition between them of deciding who is better! I don’t think myself qualified to judge the debate but yeah, I do have some basic knowledge about them as I have had an experience in both the platforms. Like the two sides of a coin, both have their own pros and cons, and also there are people who are so obsessed with one or the other. Let’s try breaking down the significance of Yoga and Gym.

The 5000 years old ancient practice is never too old in keeping ones mind and body healthy. Some people who claim themselves as medical professionals suggest that gym workouts focuses on captivating the ideology of battening the body alone. Whereas yoga aids in developing one’s mind, body and spirit. The science of yoga had been developed in such a way that it not only foredeals in toning you physically but also mentally, spiritually, and intellectually. I always didn’t have to waste my leisure on traveling as I had to for gyms but can practice anywhere I want. All I needed was a minuscule place to fit in my body and perform asanas which would really neglect the urge of bunking your yoga sessions.

Yoga is effective to all the internal organs and provides you with a bonus of refreshment. You can also find variations in the asanas and poses which will only involve in the working of targeted parts of the body and organs. The seamless blending of all the pros results in a flexible, healthier, and a fit body which will be more than compromising.

Perhaps the most fundamental aim of people hitting the gym is to have a fit and a good-looking appearance. However, gym was a locality for Physical and intellectual education for young men in ancient Greece, women also show equal and constant participation which makes them look more lively. Unlike Yoga, in order to practice, you need equipments and accessories. Not everyone can afford a gym at their home.

The main motive of gym sessions is to commence the urge of bodybuilding. It encourages supplements that assists in achieving the required body mass in a shorter period of time. You can always find your own excuses for bunking gym sessions as you might have to spend your valuable time in pounding the pavement to hit the gym. Laziness and bad weather is an added sugar to your excuses! But yeah, working up a sweat can help you play with more dopamine secretion. They would really help you in alleviating existing mental tension.

Arriving back to the debate, It’s becoming apparent that the result depends upon your goals. You can never hope to be physically good-looking and strong by doing yoga. Just as much, gym doesn’t give you aerobic benefits and a connection between your body and soul. Nevertheless, either of them are going to benefit your own life. So set up goals and start working.