Growing up

When you finally enter this world

Everything seems furled

All you wish for is to eat

Like even before you enter, reservations are made for your seat


Holding mum’s finger to learn to walk

The next step is to make you talk

For the very first word, you choose *dad*

It makes everyone in the room bloom and feel rad

There isn’t any scope of feeling sad


You grow a little more

But you are still satisfied, just like water touching the shore

Your life is what you genuinely adore


Every little problem you face, you would share

No signs you ever display of being blare

Finally you reach teen

Things you experience, many times, ends up making you mean


This is the time you leave your mum’s hand

Everything gets drier than the sand

All alone you stand


You really start hiding

You feel that life is a roller coaster you alone should be riding

You have your first heart break

Keeping your bruised soul all night awake


Insecurities hit you

Your entire life becomes blue

Still you don’t let anyone have a slightest clue

Of what you are actually going through


You strive hard for a good grade

Or brightness of your future will fade

Nothing makes you feel satisfied, everything feels less

All the things surrounding you, bring you stress


You grow a little more old

But instead of being bold

Tears are what you can’t even hold

Act as a big man is what you are every single time told.


You finally realise that with age problems become more

Your body feels like being tore

But only when you get stable

You realise, happiness won’t be served on table


You need to find it

In life it is present in every bit

You need to stop seeing on only the negativity

On your own self, you need to stop feeling pity.


Happiness and peace may not always be penned in your fate

Somewhere this brings out need for you to create

Before its too late

That you reach a stage where you can never feel safe.