In the silent lake of ponder

Her image got blurred and sank.

She strived to cry for help

But the pebbles beneath

Did  block her way.


Breathlessly, restlessly

She breathed

And her soul struggled

Through the chains of water



I saw her wrestling

But didn’t go, to rescue her.

Because I had seen

A roaring fire in her eyes once

And the sword of her cries, twice!


She was the daughter of hurricane,

I guess!

She knew her way, am sure!

And how to tame

The waves of the hidden core.


While I was looking at her,

All eyes, all eyes

A thunderstorm struck

With few crimson sparks

Like a shooting star.


The lake did split

And the moon did lit

Her lunacy’s wings

With stardust’s charm

To the fading lass.


She rose, she rose

In her angelic attire

Half fresh half tired.

And gathered her breaths

In her valor’s shawl.


Yeah she broke, she broke

The chains

Of the lake of ponder

That halted her spirit.

And emerged as a goddess.