I am the kind of person who enjoys nature as it is. I hate going to zoos or aquariums. Instead, I would love to trek into the wilderness and spot animals naturally in their habitat. For someone to love nature so much there must be a driving force. For me, the kind of force that drew a connection towards nature is the sense of feeling lively when I’m surrounded by fresh oxygen and lush green trees.

Whenever I feel stressed or anxious I try to find some good nature hide-spot for me to diffuse the caught up stress. Many of my friends are not much of a nature person as I am. So sometimes I had to plan my treks all alone. Travelling alone may be daunting at first, but once I’ve set foot inside the aroma enriched, welcoming soil the solitary flies away. I sense the intimacy with the surrounding. Occasionally I even go further and start talking with the trees. The madness I have got towards the wilderness is just inexplicable.

The recent bush-fire incident in Australia got me down like anything. I was very much disturbed looking at the visuals of the elegant Amazon turning into smokes. Witnessing the catastrophe and knowing that you couldn’t do anything about it is a terrible feeling one could endure. 

Leaving the ill effects the novel virus has brought, it has contributed a lot to the wellness of the environment. 

Events actually happen for a reason. Similar to a laptop setting off to sleep when being overused, the earth right now is in deep hibernation. We people have to let it cool down and ensure that it never ever heats up again.