For Paul

Dear Paul Walker,

I have seen my friends crushing on you and have heard them talk about your magnificent role in the fast and furious saga, back then  I didn’t give a damn, until I watched all the seven parts of that film series ( I guess this is the one best thing that I did during Quarantine).
You know I don’t really love cars but watching you drive one made me fall in love with you and cars O’Connor. Well, more than your driving your eyes were the ones which pulled me towards loving you and “Just for those eyes, those deep blue ocean” my heart would skip a beat or even do a flip every ten seconds.
Sadly my heart was broken into a thousand million pieces each shattered just like a car being wretched because I no longer get to watch you drive.
You not performing in rest of the parts was something which I couldn’t accept and I have got used to you so all of a sudden without you in the saga it feels like everything is right in its place but still something missing.
Thought you could leave without saying goodbye Brian O’Connor? (but you did)
A person who wish you weren’t gone.