Final(ly) meet

Fallen at first sight, with smiling dimple and voice

A short trip From known stranger To closer one

Picked my trolley and waved the hardest bye

We smiled _ that yet to happen

It’s around 5 PM where the bus reached the stop at a time,  “I meet her with smiling dimple :)” with formal greetings had an Intro and we became ‘known strangers’, as I had a kind of feeling but hesitated to express in our first meet.

The bus waited for an hour, she’s sick so I brought her some tablets. Someone said that it’s flirting but I meant caring. Then we had some time by having dinner together in a Highway hotel with sharing our personal stuff and laughing without a reason then ‘trolley & walk’ those 10 minutes walk with trolley bag and travel with her made ‘us closer’.

Final_ly meet, we stepped out from a bus and reached her home where her smile is priceless, We cooked together and shared our food then ride in her Scotty we went for a shopping and those unexpected tickets for a movie with that popcorn our day finally came to end Where she dropped me in the bus stop at 5 PM and waved the hardest bye “ I left her with smiling dimple :)”

We smiled, never thought that it’s gone be our last meet, Then our calls faded and rare the text. It hurts sometimes but those things yet to happen in our different journey but we didn’t forget to smile at seeing each other’s happiness “with/without us” Feel for her is still the same❤  I wish her smile should shine forever.

What’s their relationship?  – It’s something that two hearts only knows!!