Family – The Uncompromising Belief

The year 2020 is nearing the end of the month April. The Indian Film Fraternity and the Internet Citizens were pulling the phrase “Family Time” onto their social media.

This time of the year marked the end of the complete month-long Lock-down owing to the pandemic COVID’19 in India. The film stars had their shooting schedule on hold. But this was a totally new schedule that they never thought would be. The next two months had their life on toes to be up and running with all major and most anticipated releases. Nevertheless, the summer months ahead, majority of the population had their yearly off planned. It was their prime duty to give major releases and keep the masses entertained.

But the pandemic had other plans for all of them. This stands a proof that the pandemic had two faces. One that infects & kills and the other to reunite the workaholics with their family.

Till then, the majority of the population were still less prone to infection, taking them to celebrate and grace the occasion of being there for their loved ones. They now had time to sit together to eat, To understand each others emotion, and finally living the moment joyously and cautiously (Pandemic still lives out).

To me, the word “Family”, always has its origin amidst the confined 4 falls. Because when confined to some restrictions of boundaries, we start to understand each other, we adjust to live their shortcomings and obviously we start loving when we get closer.

Though it’s origin is confined, once it is born, it is endless and beyond boundaries like the universe — still expanding…

“Home is where the heart is!”, stands a pillar supporting my claim.

If you add many ‘Y’s” to the word Family (Familyyyyyy..), it still sounds the same. But be mindful, it is intensely expanding.