Every Indian Girl’s Wishlist Ever

In anger, I want to shout

All alone, I want to go out

I want to make decisions of my own

For once, I don’t want to get judged because of the guy I talk on phone


I always wish to wear an outfit I want

Without getting even a single taunt

I want to fall in love with someone

I want to fantasise my life with some moments of fun


If only my family stops to push my freedom aside

I would be left with nothing to hide

People need to stop telling me how much makeup I need to put on my face

I imagine, how peaceful life would become if people gave me my own space


Everyone needs to stop judging me for how much skin I show

And if only for a moment, I want to let this humiliation go

All of this, I want at least someone to hear

And help me make this world a place I could bear

So that there comes an end to my endless fear.


58 thoughts on “Every Indian Girl’s Wishlist Ever

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