There is a famous saying that “When life throws lemons make lemonade.” I am not sure how this works for others but for me, the lemonade is always made by my friends for me.

When I experience a shitty day or when my ongoing crush ditches me, the go-to person or in better words the Elixir for my suffering has always been my friends. Just an hour of counseling over the phone solves or at least make me feel lighter for the moment. It is not that my friends help me find a solution to the contretemps but the way they put a light-hearted sarcasm to my ongoing predicament gives me a tinge of a chuckle. Their usual comment would be like “Is this even a problem to ponder upon, I have many compared to your’s dude!” which kindles a spark to the endless overnight conversation we have, making me forget the problem in the first place.

I am so lucky to be surrounded by my Elixir’s that even the greatest distress won’t stand a chance with them.

This Prompt particularly has given me an opportunity to thank all the free Elixirs in my life who dehazes all the silly problems around me, making my day better.