Each Day Has A Wondrous Experience

During the first wave, In the year 2020, Like everyone, I started feeling happy for lockdown though the news about the disease scared me. It’s because each of us had a very busy schedule, going to schools, colleges, and work. I thought that maybe God is giving me some time to relax and have fun. When the lockdown extended for 20 days more, I felt even happier.

But the continuous extension of one month and two months started making me afraid. Thoughts started arising in my mind like, Will this pandemic end? Will I be able to meet my friends? Will life permit me to go to college like before? Is it my fate to miss the Golden part of my life? So many unclear thoughts started arising in my mind. I started becoming depressed, thinking about everything. But for each and everything there would be a good reason behind it.

So I took this in a positive way, I started being productive and started to enjoy the little things in life. I thought this is a priceless time I get to recollect all those old memories of my school days, I spent time seeing the old video clips and photos, which ended up making me burst into laughter. That’s when I realized the power of the Camera and felt thankful for its invention. This pandemic made all of us understand, how important is our family to all of us. And the way I missed my friends made me realize that my love for them was beyond depth.

In this pandemic, I also discovered my talent of quote writing, Started an Instagram page for it, and felt myself flying high for all those wonderful compliments and support people gave for my writings. Everything depends on how positively you look at life and proceeding without allowing any negative kind of thoughts to step in.

Positive thoughts are the main reason for the success of many people. So, Whatever life gives, it is right to take it in a positive way, Always be ready to face any challenges in life with boldness and a smile. Never think of giving up, Because we all are born to win and live happily on this wonderful creation of God.