Dreams can also become nightmares

I woke up at the middle of the night with your face in my dreams, the face I longed to have in my dreams years back but now do I wish to see your face in my
dreams? Maybe and maybe not.

The moment I opened my eyes, tears started rolling down my cheeks like water rushing from upstream to downstream and I found myself unable to hold back the tears from running down.

Do you know what I felt the very next second, hate. I hated myself for being so weak but I couldn’t entirely blame myself because I’m just being human. What else more could I do? Than let myself out, even after all these years you still find ways to come back to me.

I know it’s been years since our departure from each other. Well! We may not be together now but I loved you all these years and I still do, despite the hurt you caused me and causing me.

I quickly sat upon my bed letting my head rest on the headboard while running my hands through my messed up hair and wondered how all of this happened. Before I could even blink, memories rushed back inside me, the ones which I buried deep within me.

My heart begged me not to go through that memory lane again but I couldn’t stop my mind from going through every bits and pieces of the beautiful and remorse memory of our love.
The very first love of my life.