Dil Bechara

Dear Immanuel Rajkumar Junior,

You made me feel things I could never have imagined of. Even after coming out from the deepest and darkest depths of life, you still somehow had a way to find joy in every moment of life. You carried hope in your heart just so simply yet so beautifully. You made me realise how lovely it is just to be alive and how I genuinely needed to love whatever I have right now before it becomes too late.

You made me question if I lose everything I don’t appreciate someday and considering the chances that it might as well be tomorrow made me realise how blessed yet avaricious I really am. Your love story showed how me that love is an emotion in your life that makes you feel alive and even when you lose your wish to live, holds as your only hope to continue. But, you even showed that if you lose love, life never ends, that instead of going deep into the black hole of darkness, you need to rise and feel the breeze of precious yet little things life has to offer.