Depression isn’t as light as we take

It is a nightmare for people even when they are awake

They can’t gain the strength to fight violence

So they are left with no choice but to suffer alone in complete silence

They try to hide every of their tear

Because all we tend to do is make fun of their fear

Even single moment, deep inside, they feel this pain

Which draws them away from being sane

They even feel that their is no going back when walking forward in this lane

They suffer more then we can ever know

They can’t find a single reason to glow

All they know is that their life has become miserably slow

They feel lonely inside

For them, life has never proven to be a beautiful ride

Somehow, we add to the reason for them suffering everything wrong

Because every time they try to rise, we put them down to prove that we are more strong

Instead, we should notice when someone is in need

And show them the bright path where they should lead

Where seeds of hope they can sow

Where happiness will never stop to flow

Where they have the power to say NO

Where the good things will come straight in a row

Where, if they feel alone, they have our hand to hold

Where their heart will no longer feel cold.✨