Dear Nairobi

Dear Nairobi,

Out of all the characters in “Money heist” you were the one whom I shipped for and cried for. Oh god! I love your rings and I even wanted a set of my own. Let me tell you exactly when I started fancying you, it was when you told the Professor that Berlin is dispossessed and you were in charge from then. That scene was lit, though there are many scenes which made me jump out of excitement this one tops my list.

When your fellow teammates were out of hope, you came out of bed after going through a big surgery just because they needed someone to remain them that there is still hope and what they are really capable of. The fun-loving and conscientious personality was all that you were is what I thought at the beginning but when you got a bullet trying to get a glimpse of your son, when you rebelled against leaving Berlin behind, when you stood against Berlin and when you wanted a child of your own you showed me that you have other personalities too.

“To love, you need courage” were your words and you are courageous Nairobi, you showed it when you told Helsinki how you really felt about him. Your heart was broken into pieces because Helsinki didn’t love you the way you wanted him to love you, you were hurt yet you had the courage to open up and tell how you really felt. Helsinki really loved you Nairobi with all his heart, don’t you ever doubt that and I know you won’t. He was the one who was more broken than others than any of us, when you died. Maybe he didn’t love you in a romantic way but he loved you like a mother who loves her son.

I never had a boss like you, Ms. Nairobi.


A person who wishes to be a boss like you.