Dear Mazikeen

Dear Mazikeen,

I don’t know where to start should I start with how much I love you or should I start with how beautiful you are; but the thing is, you’re just simply awesome (By the way I really love your knives I wish I had one of those).

Let it be saving Lucifer from all his mess or taking care of your friends when they needed you, you have always given whole of you at the situation and that’s what I admire about you. Whatever maybe the danger is you would always be there to stop it regardless of the risk.

“It’s all so complicated here, Lucifer. I mean, caring about humans always go wrong. Feelings go wrong. I am not the one who is supposed to be tortured.” Look Maze people don’t accept things easily when it comes to human emotions they find it really hard to move on; being a demon and handling all the emotions and feelings must be really difficult for you but you dealt with them way better than any of us, you were willing to accept the fact that it’s okay if someone doesn’t feel the say way about you. So it’s okay everything is gonna be fine.

“I’m always gonna be the consolation prize for you. You only care about me when you don’t have Chloe. No one puts me first. Least of all you. None of you deserve me.” Oh my dear Mazikeen I could literally feel you, I really do but Lucifer does care about you how could he not? When all he has got is you. He comes running to you when he messes up because you are his family, the person whom he could rely on no matter what. He might have made you feel that way but you know deep down he would never abandoned you. No never.

Just remember you’re Mazikeen, the demon risen from the bowels of hell to torture.


A person who loves everything about you.