Dear Hardin & Tessa

Dear Hardin & Tessa,

I wonder whether the kind of love you share between you two, is even possible in reality? I hope it is.
I have seen people detach from their loved ones at their worst, Giving up on each other when they find it difficult to handle, Moving on with theirs lives when they are apart, putting themselves above their partner. All these only made me give up on love, but seeing you both break all these made me fall in love with your love.
You guys were never perfect. You both didn’t knew how to be in a relationship. You never stopped yelling and fighting at each other. You have had a rough past. You broke up alot. Above all these, you never stopped loving each other even with all the pain, and always found a way back to each other, which most people fail to do.
You guys are a beautiful mess.
You have both made plenty of mistakes but you didn’t let those affect your love towards each other, which is one of the best quality that Iove about you. Yes! You guys fight a way lot more than others but you didn’t let those fights to end your relationship permanently, you had your breaks and you learned to talk your way through them, and importantly you never gave up on each other. You wanted to fix them. Change yourself better for the other. To be there for each other, mostly at their worst.
I won’t say that you guys were so good at maintaining the relationship but you fought your way through it.
There was always hope. There was always undying love even when you resisted.
Thankyou Hardin for not letting her go and for loving her the way she wanted, for being the perfect boyfriend when others thought you were doomed.
So remember Tess, Whatever your souls were made of his and yours were the same.
A person who has fallen in love with your love.