Dear Fam, ILY

Who do you call ‘Family’?

Your family is your parents. They fall in love with you, even before your heart beats. They not only bring you into the real world but guide you through it. They hold your arms as you take your first steps, making sure to never let go throughout your life. Parents sharpen your minds and soften your hearts. They cocoon you with utmost care so that you break out to be the best butterfly you can be. And for that, we are forever in debt to them, till our last breath.

Your family is your siblings. The funny thing about them though, they can either be angels sent from heaven or the devil’s clone. You grow up together, learning life side by side. They needn’t be around always, but you never do not feel their support. From goofing around to guarding each other, the bond never ceases to grow. They are your first friends who last forever.

Your family is your friend. Friends make living life better. Even if we shy away from being our true selves to the rest of the world, with friends we can be as crazy as we want and yet, feel completely normal. Tons of friends come by and go, but you always have those few who stick around. They teach you that differences don’t mean anything when friendship means everything.

Your family is your pet. Your pets teach you how love commands loyalty. They teach you that you don’t need language for love. Even if the whole world is against you, your pets stand by your side. Pets teach you what humans sometimes forget to.

In short, your family is anyone who your heart gives room for. Let’s face it, only during times as trying and unpredictable as these do we realize, that despite all the differences, the whole world can be your family.