Dear Arya Stark

Dear Arya Stark,

A nine-year-old girl who refused the fact that girls are only meant to stitch and knit and not to fight was how your story began and how I knew that I would be your supreme admirer. Thank you Arya for letting the world know that girls can decide what they want to be.

“But I’m not a lady. I never have been. That’s not me”, were your words which every tomboy could relate, including me. Let it be when you pointed a sword at Joffrey or when you killed Walder Frey, you always surprised me. My hands would automatically close my mouth during your scenes and the most unexpected one was your fight against the night king. You proved that girls can also be a knight in shining armor.

A fearless person and a warrior who hates being saved is what people see in you but I see a girl you who fought for survival, who stood up to her fears, who was always mistaken for a boy and who learned her way with a sword. As Sansa said, you are the strongest person I have met and I wish I was strong as you, seeing you fight your ways makes me want to be the person you are. May be “not today” but someday I will.

A girl is Arya Stark of Winterfell and the north would always be remembered.


A person who wish she knew how to swing a sword like you.