Daughter’s letter for her mother in heaven💕

All of this, I want you to hear

Losing you has always been my biggest fear

Now this pain has become too much to bear

It is so difficult, even to stop one tear

All I now want is to feel the touch of your hand

I can’t gain strength, even to stand

Everywhere I go, it feels like a barren land

Like I am in middle of the sand

Everything that ever mattered to me was you

Now, I have a life to live where I can’t find a single clue

I wish you could be here to guide me

Become a leaf in my tree

But I promise, I won’t be sad for long

Because you told me that I always need to be strong

That I should never do the wrong

That no matter whatever bad happens, I need to start over with a happy song

Even though it will take a while

I will again start to smile

I will be brave

And then, I will give you a happy goodbye wave.