Casteism in India

No matter how messed up 2020 has been so far, it has given us a reality check about our nation and the world as well, in many ways.
This article is about the most controversial issue in present-day India -The Caste System.
No matter how much the egoist and Orthodox population of the world denies the truth that we’re all humans, and we’re equal in all sorts; there’s no way this truth can be mended.
I wonder how beautiful and peaceful the world must have been when the human race came into existence on this planet, as the ‘Homo habilis'(identified as the first true human species to evolve). Even though there were no such concepts like education, etiquettes and behavior existing back then; but at least the world wasn’t poisoned with this deadly venom known as CASTEISM.
The concept of casteism is nothing but mere RACISM. The only difference between casteism and racism is that there is discrimination between two kinds of human populations- the blacks and the whites; whereas in casteism, there’s discrimination between four different human populations- Brahmins, Kshatriyas, Vaishyas and Shudras.
Casteism in India began when the FAIR SKINNED ARYANS from South Europe and North Asia arrived and invaded India. The Aryans were the OUTSIDERS (were not the citizens of India) who introduced the Caste System and the four Varnas, to control the local population of the country.
All the four Varnas were given special jobs and bifurcated as THE UNTOUCHABLES and THE SANVARNAS(or the upper castes).
Now clearly, looking back at the past and the history of the origin of the Caste system in India, it can be concluded that the untouchables were given the least considered, low-paid, yet necessary jobs by the ARYANS. These jobs possibly included cleaning, sweeping and serving the Upper Caste population. As far as we all are familiar to the mindset of Indians, the job of cleaning and serving is considered to be SUBSTANDARD. And hence, the untouchables were called so. They were considered as slaves and ill-treated by the Upper castes in accordance to the jobs they did.
Now in present day India, a large population (including the so-called untouchables, who were deprived of education back then) has understood the importance of education and are getting educated. A large population(including the untouchables of course) of India has become well-read and knowledgeable, getting well-paid jobs and are having decent standards of living. So in spite of having respectable jobs (apart from cleaning and serving, which are considered as substandard jobs by some retards of India) , the people belonging to backward castes (according to the senseless caste system of the Aryans) are still harassed in many parts of the country.

Why? Why are we still following the caste system introduced by the outsiders who came from Europe and North Asia? Why do we still believe in a caste system that has no base in the concept of humanity? We all belong to the same race- Homo sapiens, that is humans.
Why don’t we just eradicate and ban this devil in the disguise of Caste system from our country?
I have the answer for this. LACK OF EDUCATION is the root cause of this controversial issue. We have a literacy rate of 77.7% in India. The rest 30% are the uneducated and illiterate people who haven’t read or known the past of Caste system in India. Not just the 30% population but certain amount of people belonging to the 77.7% is educated enough, yet isn’t well-read enough to know the history of our country.

It goes without saying, ‘The one who does not know history can never create history’.
Educate yourself, read, know the past and make a change. Know the reality and think what is right and what is wrong.
It’s high time now. We all should get ourselves educated and literate enough, so that we can eradicate all the social norms from our country. This is the only way our country will be able to make rapid progress. Or else, within no time, our country might drown soon :/