O heart!

Give me some poison

For I wanna die and get numb for a while.

Numb to the metamorphic pinching shades

Of the emotions of my crimson heart,

That are flickering in grace

Like a moon lit flame of stars blinking

Behind the veil of my dusty being.


I am tired, I am tired, tired tired!

Wearing the luggage

Of oscillating smiles and tears

And the frowns of emotional tales.


This invisible web of  unbarred feelings

Bars me, my soul & conscience

In a prison as a prisoner imprisoned.


Am I the only one suffering in surfing

On the waves of emotions’ sea?

Or it’s the tale of every fellow being?

Tell me,

Tell me tell me tell me!


Before I drown in this gloom of mine

And become an emotions’ shrine,

Where crowds will come in chorus

And hail me as a broken muse,

Singing the somber symphony

Of my broken heart.