Brain Dump

Some days I like myself better
And some days I don’t
Some days I cannot help but chatter
While on some I wanna be left alone

Singing and dancing, being the main character of my story
When I couldn’t be more into my fantasy world, in reality

I think am messed up
For thinking the thoughts that I think
And saying the words that I speak, for
How could I be that someone who believes in kindness and compassion
When all there is, is rage and resentment in my action?

What do I do to remind myself time and again
To be gentle and empathetic, especially to those I love?
This ego and vanity that causes them pain
Or is it painful to me more, with the regret of not letting my love take a bow?

On days like this when my head can’t live within me
I turn to music and paper to let my dreams swallow me

For I know that am a work-in-progress
Though by not taking actions, I only regress

Still I remind myself to find some solace
In the world that makes my mind a better place

Only then can I rise and shine,
another day make a start bright
As the great philosopher Hannah Montana says, “Life’s what you make it, so you better make it right.”